Flying B Ranch – Sporting Classics 2011 Lodge of the Year By Ron Spomer (March/April 2012)

Sporting Classics 2011 Lodge of the Year By Ron Spomer (March/April 2012)
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Flying B Ranch, Kamiah, Idaho

If you rate a lodge five stars for quintessential western atmosphere, luxurious comfort and gourmet dining, the Flying B qualifies.  If you add peace and quiet plus stunning scenery and star-shot skies unsullied by city lights, the Flying B scores even higher.  If you insist on upland bird hunting behind stellar pointing dogs that pin ringnecks, gray partridge, chukars, and valley quail beneath towering basalt canyon walls, it’s the Flying B again.  Did we forget grouse?  Well check those off, too, along with Merriam’s turkeys gobbling their fool heads off come spring.

But if you insist on world-class, horseback wilderness fishing for native, West Coast cutthroat trout –  well by golly it’s the Flying B again.  You’d rather tackle 20-pound steelhead or 30-pound salmon on the big river? This is still the place, a short drive from the famous Clearwater River.  Then there are whitetails and mule deer sneaking through the golden hills right above the lodge; cougars and black bears and elk and moose in the bordering Clearwater and Bitterroot mountains.  Thrown in an amazingly rich historical record from Lewis & Clark’s last encampment right on the site, horse rides on the same ridges trod by the 1806 Corps of Discovery, raft trips down whitewater rivers, 4×4 rides along the historic Lolo trail and you’ve got our 2011 Lodge of the Year. – Ron Spomer

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